Never let a crisis go to waste

Our stupid former head coach making this current state of affairs all about him. Austin has to be getting tired of this and that is something to be happy about these days!

Frankly, I just don’t believe him. Period. Ask the players he lied to after his second season here.


If he were here, and he said this, we would be ooo-ing and awe-ing and praising him. I don’t like the guy, but come on.


Never liked him from the get-go !!

He brought in a good coaching staff (with the exception of OC) and was blessed with a lot of talent (thanks to Levine’s staff), but he was always self absorbed and he proved it in year 2 !!

He screwed UH on his way out the door and could have cared less !!

Like I have repeatedly said since he was hired at UH, he was unproven and still is !


Its Coogfans, what do you expect? You do however, have the power to shut this thread down.

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With that kind of sad life story, you would think that he would have been humble and forthright with his employer and players. But, what we all witnessed was anything but. Hopefully, his financial contributions are sincere and not a campaign to gain longhorn fans.

I believe that everything he does is for himself, not others. It is just coincidental if someone else gets a benefit out of it.


Actually Portland, his schtick was wearing thin on the players and fans by mid-season of his second year. Sooner of later tinhorns are exposed.


4 years ago sure we would be praising him. The difference is then vs now. We know who the guy is and what he is all about

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Three and a half years ago, he was negotiating with South Carolina only 6 months into our job. Speaks volumes.


There are a lot of similarities between Hemroid and The Toad…