New 5-Star Kicker

Joseph Kim… 5-Star kicker (Lawson HS) and no.7 kicker in the nation


I haven’t seen anywhere other than Kim’s own Twitter page where he is listed as a five star.

Here is a list of 247’s five star recruits and where they signed.

College football recruiting: Where every 2023 5-star prospect signed.

Never heard of a kicker being a five star.

That said, I hope that he is indeed a national Top Ten kicker. If so, then we got a good pickup.

But I don’t see him on this list of top kickers


He’s listed as a 5 star on this site (though admittedly I’ve never seen this site before)

Edit: scrolling through it looks like being a 5 star isn’t really all that. That being said they have him as #7 in his class so that doesn’t sound too bad.

He’s not a 5 star in the sense of what you are thinking.

He was ranked as a 5star by the kicking camp.


I’m pretty sure Ramsey and Baxa were both Kohl’s 5 stars as well. The Kohl’s site has been posted on here multiple times.

Just tell me he’s 75% + from 40+. That’s all.


so we are or are not excited about this?

im so confused.

Basically big kicking camps in the nation will take their recruits and rank them on their progress within their metrics. Since 247 really doesn’t focus on K and P through the skillset (remember, 4 or 5* that have committed to Houston have been downstarred just cause).

Any player who is capable is terrific. This kid looks like a keeper…

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I would trust it more if it was coming from the Macy’s site.


Hey I’m a 5 star too, says so on my bio

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I’m a 5 star fan.

Uh boom?

Where does Caesars rank him in kicks for this season? That’s really were the results come from.

I’m a 5-star writer! Just finished up transcribing audio from coaches/player interviews over the spring and I’m currently beginning my “position preview” articles which will be coming to a browser near you in early June. #GoCoogs

Pretty much all kicking recruits are called ‘5-star’…based on what, I don’t know