New Arena...1959/60 Style

I’m not sure these have been posted here before but I was checking old Coog hoops media guides and came across something new-to-me. Thought a few of you old-timers (even older than me LOL) might remember something about this.

These pics are from the 1959/60 Guide and show an ‘Architect’s Model’ of the ‘New’ UH Fieldhouse. Early Hof renderings I guess. Plus a shot of very youthful Guy V

Sorry the pics are so blurry. I’ll see if I can get better ones.




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Was that where the Astrodome presently sit, or plans to put it at UH campus??? If that model indicated the campus, we would have been far ahead of the rest!

It sure looks like the Dome, doesn’t it?

I’m not sure of the answers. I will try to get more pages from the guide and see if it has details.

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It doesn’t look like the dome. Recall, the original version of the dome had clear glass panels in the roof. This model does not.

Thanks for posting. Would love to see more.

it looks like it’s positioned across the street from the indoor football facility on scott street not where hoffienz.fertitta is today.

I may be wrong, but that appearance look like a domed structure. Maybe my eyes deceive me. Still would have been cool if it was built!

It looks more like the carrier dome up in Syracuse, NY

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Speaking of the Dome…wast Roy Hofeinze the one that made the Dome happen??? Could it be that he originally wanted it built at UH??? I don’t know, just speculating from a picture dated around 1959-1960.

It looks alot like what LSU built

When I was talking to Guy Lewis’ assistant Harvey Pate a few years ago, he said they used to keep that model of the new arena around to show recruits and they would tell them that it was going to be built. Pate said they showed it to Elvin Hayes and Don Chaney to help get them to come here.

Another terrible pic but it gives the only reference to the pictures.

Front Cover
Co-Captains Ted Luckenbill and Gary Phillips peer(?) over
model of proposed University Field House


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Might not be the best word but it is spelled correctly.
peer1 | pir |
verb [no object, with adverbial]
look keenly or with difficulty at someone or something: Blake screwed up his eyes, trying to peer through the fog.

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I think Irwin Allen saw that design. The years would be right.

It looks like the original “Jupiter 2” landed at UH. Danger Will Robinson.

Your eyes are better than mine. I was guessing at it