New Assistant DL coach

Looks like coach early got a new DL coach. Hard to find info on the guy, but from what I gather he played college ball at Miami (ohio) and most recently was a coach at IMG academy. Doesn’t look like he worked much with the national team, but still probably some great relationships to have on staff


Absolutely. Even IMG’s local teams are pretty good, won state recently.

Graduated from Miami of Ohio in 2018. Another young guy that should relate well.

As long as he is an assistant. I like our DLine coach.


Gray, I don’t understand your post. I thought IMG is an academy in Florida, so what’s with “IMG’s local teams?”

Img has 4 football teams. Their national team is the one filled with 5stars that plays a national schedule. They then have two local varsity teams that play local schedules. Then they have a prep school team for post grads


Basically IMG is such a popular football destination that they have several varsity squads. Even their local teams have D1 recruits, usually players heading to FCS.

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