New availability for the UH vs OU game

Looks like whoever is running this game just released more tickets for sale. There are actually a few seats together in the 100’s now where just a few days ago they were showing as singles only (and not many of those). Somebody who acts quick will get a nice deal. Looks to be 5 together and 8 together in 139.

More in the 300’s as well (not many but more than the 100s). Lots more available in the upper decks. Must be 10k available or so now.



Was told that the 300 section corner season tix at TDECU translates roughly into 500-600 corner at NRG. Is the side up top our section or the OU section? Quite a few new corner seats that weren’t open before.

Top side is OU.

It makes sense. This is why UH stopped including OU in the season ticket on Friday. Now NRG knows exactly what they need to sell.

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