"New" board

I’m excited that we have this “New” board. I’m glad we have an independent board that isn’t tired in to some corporation that decided things for us as a community. I hope this place grows and we get a real strong community going. It’s almost at the perfect time as were essentially starting a new era of success in UH history!

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Thanks. We had 300 users sign up in the first 24 hours of launch. Also one can invite users from their profile, so invite folks to join!

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I approve of the new board.

It is good to see Coogfans.com and everyone from the old scout site come over here to keep the community alive.

Coogfans has been and continues to be the premier online community for UH Athletics.


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Great job, gents. Hope we can keep the Cougar community expanding with experienced folks. Happy to support.

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Those videos on the other site would slow up the computer…or android phone.

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Site is off to a good start imo.

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Totally agree with everyone, I think this site was a must and very import to all the Cougar faithful. Thank you to all that took the time, effort, money, etc. to make this happen.

I also love the fact that you don’t have to load a new page to read every five posts. That seemed like a very poorly disguised attempt to increase click counts.

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I agree! I’m so glad I found this site.

When I type coogfans.com, I am still being redirected to “Cougar Digest”.

I’m still having to go back and type www. in front of it to get here. Just thought the admins would like to know. It may be what is keeping some from realizing this board exists.

Clear your browser cache to get coogfans.com to point to new site.

That worked, thanks.

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I don’t have the option to invite folks yet. When do you get that?

It’s good to be back. I’m digging the new forum software.

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You should now… :football:

Welcome everyone! Hopefully, all of the old members sign up!

We are closing in on 500 sign-ups in the first 3 days. We were hoping for 200. So we are happy.

Great job. Looks and functions much better than scout.

I didn’t post much on the other board but hope to contribute more here.

Go Coogs!

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I like the look here. At least so far. :slight_smile:

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