New Commitment WR from Shadow Creek

Possibly a walk on receiver for the 2020 recruitment class

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Looks good, any info?

Can’t find him on 247 or Rivals.

Looks like a walk-on, but I’ll take as many kids as we can from that Shadow Creek program.

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Don’t know about that - get past the front line guys the talent level drops drastically as a strong program is where you see guys on all levels dominating. North Shore is a prime example where after the top line guys you hear nothing about the others.

This is a different era of football where you can outdepth teams and win easily as football isn’t really played at a high level until past the Beltway. Plus kids have no loyalty to the area so they jump ship to these mega schools just to say they play there.

A good program was LaMarque in the early 00s - they had guys all over the place making an impact in college. Even HISD had strong programs such as Westbury had legitimate FBS and FCS guys dominate.

Jared Jackson, 6’1" 180 lb wr, 1st team all district 10-5A, Shadow Creek HS, 16-0 state champs. Sounds like a good player.


He is a walk on and I am glad to have him. We have had good luck with walk ons in the past and this young man may be another stand out.


His film looks great.

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Patrick Edwards immediately comes to mind…


Linnell Bonner also was a walk-on.


Looks like Houston Cougars material. Works hard and gets the most out of his potential. I’ll take that over a guy who has it all but doesn’t work hard to reach his potential. Those are the ones that come through at the end of games.


Looks really good, I wonder why he doesn’t have a rating?

Older brother and his twin also attend UH, solid player on a loaded team .
Possibly fell through the cracks but for us that is fortunate.

That’s what I can’t figure. 20 TDs with the State Champ, 1st Team all-district, and he’s not even listed anywhere? No offers? Seems weird.

Yes and no rating! You would think playing in the Austin area and 1st team and not even a 2*?

Shadow Creek is in Pearland, not Austin. But that’s even more to your point. Most kids making 1st team in 5A classifications in the Houston area on state championship teams would get noticed by someone. This is really strange.

Coaches did their homework and recruiting services didn’t…seems like the norm to me. Glad to have him.


He’s related to the wife (sister I believe) of UH Softball Coach Veesley. She also attended UH and played Basketball pretty sure years back.

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It bears mentioning that - according to MaxPreps - Jackson had 17 TDS over two varsity seasons (not 20 his senior year) with 592 yards receiving his senior season and 409 his junior year. Not overwhelming stats, but - dang - the young man looks extremely impressive in his highlight reel.

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How much did Shadow Creek pass and to how many receivers? Stats don’t always tell the whole story.