New “Dune” movie coming

Anyone remember the Dino DeLaurentiis/David Lynch stinkbomb from the 1980s?

Well, Dune is finally getting a movie remake.

Long overdue!

Granted, the SyFy Channel did a good miniseries version, but this belongs on a big screen.

The Frank Herbert novel is one of my all-time favorites. Truly a sci-fi masterpiece!

Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson (yeow!!!) will play leading lady roles.

Timothy Chalamet of “Little Women” fame has been cast as Paul Atreides.

Sure will be nice when we can all finally get back to the cinemas!

Read on.

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We will see if movie venues will survive what we are going through.

God Dammit.

The USA has always had the world’s greatest film industry.

It simply CAN’T go under!



It’s kind of a tough book to make a faithful adaptation of. So much of it is just internal monologue. It’s also a lot of story to cover in one piece. It would lend itself well to a two or three part series. I hope it’s awesome, it certainly has a great director and cast.

One thing. I hope that they get a really good martial arts choreographer in order to portray the “Weirding Way” in this version.

In the book, it’s pretty obvious that the Weirding Way is a fighting style, although the details about it are sketchy.

In the 1980s stinkbomb, they made the Weirding Way a sonic voice weapon instead. REALLY lame!

I’d like to see this version make it a legit fighting style, drawing upon little known and arcane martial arts styles from around the world. Maybe they can base it on Capoeira, Eskrima, Systema, or something like that.

The SyFy Channel mini-series tried to be about as faithful to the book as one could be in a made for TV miniseries. However, I firmly believe, as I stated, that this really needs a “big screen” flavor.

And of course, it couldn’t be any worse than the 1980s version.

I remember the movie. It is still the best way for me to cure occasional insomnia. I would have to say it was the WORST movie version of a great book I have ever seen. First Blood would be second on that list for me. Book was WAY better.

About the only thing good about the 80s version was the opening monologue, which featured a young and very beautiful Virginia Madsen in her first film role that I remember.

See here:

I hope that they do it the Old School Epic Cinema way with a 10 or 12 minute classical music overture and another 15 minute intermission with more music. Just do it right, you know, and make it a 4 or 5 hour masterpiece!


That would be interesting, BUT, it appears that this version will consists of at least TWO films, according to

Ok, so I went and read through the article and sadly, I won’t be watching it. It’s just another Hollywood scream about how capitalism is the root of all evil, humans are killing the planet and we’re all going to die.

Villeneuve on the book: "It was a distant portrait of the reality of the oil and the capitalism and the exploitation—the overexploitation—of Earth. Today, things are just worse. It’s a coming-of-age story, but also a call for action for the youth.”

I wouldn’t write it off. Just look at the cast. Batista as Rabban. Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho. Rebecca Ferguson as the Lady Jessica. It’s a space opera DREAM team!!!

But consider…Herbert’s works often had economic and environmental themes.

Hell, his “Fremen” were, in effect, a sort of literary sci-fi jihadist group!

In my view, how subtly (or not so subtly) those themes are incorporated into the movie is a good reason to go see it!

I’m assuming that Feyd Rautha will not appear until the sequel; if so, it’ll be interesting to see who is cast in that role (I don’t see that character listed in the current credits).

One of the only other redeeming aspects of the DeLaurentiis/Lynch version was the casting of Sting as Feyd. Whoever is cast in that role will have some pretty big shoes to fill!

I may change my mind. I just hate it when I go to see a movie and it’s all political, unless of course it is a political film.

There are a lot of sci-fi movie adaptions from literary source material that have been bad though.

Besides Dune, consider the movie versions of Roger Zelazny’s “Damnation Alley,” and Robert Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers.”

Both films were based on masterpieces of sci-fi, but couldn’t come close to living up to the source material.

Heinlein’s book has political theory woven throughout; almost none of that was included in the movie version.

Lots of good sci-fi is political, honestly. E.g. Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy, half of Stanislaw Lem’s work (the other half is philosophy).

Sheesh even Star Wars is really just about politics.

The book was pretty political. I think Villanueve has a pretty good scifi track record with Arrival and Blade Runner 2049.

Would much rather see a sci fi movie of Stranger in a strange land or The High Crusade by Asminov or Lord Kalvan of Other When by H. Beam Pipers than another remake of this movie.

How about that Neuromancer film that they’ve been talking about forever, where’s that?

Starship Troopers movie is a masterpiece in its own right. :sunglasses:


The trailer is out…

visually it looks amazing.

But…it looks like it is going to be slow…yeah the old version was not good.

I didn’t enjoy Blade Runner.