New Fund established for 4 Univ in Texas

Houston, North Texas , TxSt, TxTech will able to use the funds valued at 3.5 B
Its a good start


Its a start. Hopefully the next tier of Texas state schools also gets broken off.


Thank you for opening it.

It’s a start.

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Great news, but being it’s a shared fund with restrictions, it’s not like a true endowment.

I’m not the most knowledgeable one on comparing schools, but I’m surprised and a little bit disappointed
to see North Texas State and Texas State Univ to be a part of this. I didn’t think they were at the
same levels as UH and TT. Be interesting to see how funds are divided up between the 4 systems.
Assume 3.5 billion will generate about $210 million / year if it gets something like 6% return. So maybe UH gets $50,000,000 / year ?

Another question would be if we lose access to other funds dedicated to higher education with this
new fund ?

But hey, something is better than nothing !


Peanuts. Scraps to keep the plebs from rioting.


The article says 1/3 for each UH and TTU, and 1/3 between UNT and TXSt, paid every two years


Okay so that’s like $ 1.15 billion for UH. That could be $60 million / year or $120million every
2 years.

We could build a new TDECU stadium every two years

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Indeed peanuts, Better than nothing and that still gives us the legal power to go after what is due to us meaning the PUF.

One article I read from 2 days ago said the
NRUF would go away with the new Texas State Fund. :frowning:


Come on folks.

1/3 of 3.5 billion is over $1.1 billion.

That nearly DOUBLES our current endowment, and puts us at a near elite level nationally for a PUBLIC university.

This is GREAT news.

I realize that this isn’t PUF, but it’s still real damn good.

DON’T anybody here disparage it.


Doesn’t sound like an endowment exactly and proceeds from NRUF will be gone. So the net is ?

If it isn’t an endowment, then what is it?

If PUF counts as an endowment for UT and aTm, then why wouldn’t this count as an endowment for UH, Tech, etc?

Our endowment just effectively went from 1.3 to 2.4 billion dollars.

Among PUBLIC universities nationally, that’s some pretty elite company.


Also, I’ve done a bunch of Google searches, and have yet to find anything to the effect that NRUF is going away.

If anyone has a link on that, please share it.

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It was in a Houston Chronicle article 2 days ago discussing the differences in the house and senate
bills for the new fund. Not certain if HEAF will be impacted either. Details are still sketchy at this point. I’ll try and find the link again.

There seem to be restrictions on it so it’s not like a true endowment. I don’t think we ever counted the 900 million in NRUF as ours, so not sure if the new fund can be counted or not. Not real clear on it at this point.

Also rolled into the new Texas University Fund would be nearly $900 million left in the National Research University Fund, which lawmakers launched in 2009 to help schools other than UT and A&M. That 14-year-old fund, which in the most recent budget cycle distributed only about $50 million, would merge into the new one.

A Senate committee approved the two measures on identical votes of 17-0. They now go to the full chamber for debate.

So it wouldn’t be a loss per se.

Is PUF unrestricted to its recipients?

If not, then this would be just as much an endowment as PUF would be.

Someone enlighten me.

This was brought up as early as November I believe. There needs to be a concise explanation of what, when and how much will be available. We also need to know if there is any “PUF catch” with this.
Let’s say this passes. At the same time a consensus has to be found for U of H and other Texas public Universities to get a PUF share now or soon.

NRUF gone; they take 900 million and add to the 2.5 billion. So not like
they are adding 3.5 billion and 1 billion NRUF is still around. I guess another
way to think of is they are dedicating about 10% of the surplus to higher education.

I think it’s true PUF is almost fully unrestricted to its recpients use and is managed by
an entity (TIMCO ?) that is not controlled by the state directly. UT and A&M can claim it.

This new fund kinda sounds different with state involved more.

Maybe person can come on here and educate us more :wink: If he is pissed over it,
then yes it’s good for us.

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