New GAs

Great pickup of Malcolm Kelly! Any thoughts on JB Brown or Robert Luce?

Luce was with the team last year as a QC Assistant. He used to be an OL at Missouri.

Brown was a baseball player at Pacific (I had originally thought we brought back one of our many John Brown’s from the 90’s) that was drafted by the Mets. Went back to Pacific after spending some time in the minors and then moved to football as a GA for Kansas last year. Kansas has a large contingent of UH alums so maybe one of them helped him land a spot.

Hadn’t seen this reported, but we hired a new Offensive Analyst, Robert Conley. Conley’s been at UTPB as recruiting Coordinator and OL coach the last 2 years. Prior to that he was a GA at Utah (under OC Brian Johnson) and a few other places for a few years. He was a 4 year starting OL at Utah in his playing days and blocked for our new OC in 2010.

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With the addition of Malcolm Kelly, I’m thinking all circle drill reps should be immediately followed by a freestyle rap battle against Kelly.

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Like the coaching additions the last month or so.

My first thought when I saw this was UT-Pebble Beach but then I remembered 'Permian Basin". I need a vacation.