New NCAA rule proposals to speed up play including:runners on second base in extra innings

Lots to dislike in these proposals but I really dislike runners on second base in extra innings in MLB. Why to CFB need it ?

“The immediate reaction was that it’s the NCAA outlawing “fun,” and not addressing an age-old problem for college baseball: the 11.7 scholarship limit.”

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The less endowed schools wouldn’t want more scholarships, right?

In football, going down to 65 scholarships would increase parity.

You eliminate 11.7 you’ll see kids rot away in bullpens just to say they play at a Power 5 - instead of that kid going to Sam Houston in year 1 and then transferring once proven cause he got more aid or is desired more that kid will now head straight to a UT or A&M to not play for two years cause there will always be a hierarchy

The don’t want the Coastals, Texas State’s, Dallas Baptist’s, etc knocking on that cws door denying the beloved SEC another spot

Problem is the sec is getting too greedy and wants everything to themselves and they don’t see how they are slowing killing college sports - and ESPN is in bed with them

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When I was in Italy for vacation I asked why they didn’t re-do the pipes and clean up the water supply. An old man said it would damage the stone streets and old buildings. I asked if he didn’t want clean water. He just said, “the roads and building were here before me. I don’t kick my grandparents if they can’t walk fast.”

Sometimes I wish we could just honor and enjoy some of our traditions. We don’t have castles or ancient documents in our country. Baseball is the closest thing to our ancient tradition. Just enjoy it as close to the way our grandparents did. No, we have to constantly tweek s%% so people have time to go watch their DVR.


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