New NIL Rules

Penny in shambles rn


A&M could be in trouble if they investigate the past. They are an sec newbie so the main powers in the sec will be for it. No way they 30 mil without booster involvement.


So does that make the Miami situation pretty bad? Do those NIL deals go away because they weren’t specifically breaking rules on the books at the time?

Courthouses about to get real busy across the country.

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Courts and judges were the start of the problem.


Please investigate the Aggies… Please, Please, Please!!!


Freakin UT and Miami

They won’t be able to enforce any infractions since last July (or whenever it was), they are just posturing to let people know they’re serious NOW…

sure would love to see Penny get slapped with more sanctions though.

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It did say they can go back and review. I’m sure some sec teams want what A&M is doing stopped. I have to believe somewhere there were inducements to get that # 1 class. A text here and there etc.

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They won’t do any more than slap anyone on the wrist… Texas was boasting about how much they were getting for their players; do you think the NCAA will sanction anyone for things that were technically legal due to their lack of foresight? They will be tied up in court for a WHILE. They say it is retroactive, but it is not.

Texas State and FIU are about to get screwed.


All the athletic directors and head coaches are mad about sharing some of their money.

That’s true bc now the money is going to the athletes vs the athletic departments.

Everyone that could read the ruling understood what it meant. But the boosters tried to publicly interpret the law to say that they are protected. And they might be to an extent. But the NCAA can still punish the school. (This is where the NCAA should have jumped in to give guidance) So its going to come down to schools conducting background checks on business partners of players.

Here’s a question: lets say that “MRCoog’s Po-Boy Hut” in midtown wants to advertise with a Coog player. The proprietor has never given money to the school. The agreement is approved by the school. Does the home of “the fattest Po-Boy in Midtown” now become a booster and is thus prohibited from further NIL deals with Coogs? Or is he grandfathered in for life?

Hi, we are from the NCAA and we feel it is time that athletes can make money off their likeness, because we did it for decades, but not too much money. We still need our members to buy into our nonsense and inability to make decisions. So if you make more than $46 off your likeness we feel you are stealing from our coaches and athletic directors who are just trying to feed their families.

That is treating the cash as a zero sum game, which it clearly isn’t. The coaches are mad that they don’t have the power any more, now that they aren’t just competing with other coaches to recruit but literally every booster in the country.

The impact on student athletes…yeah…that’s why we are doing it. For the kids and their safety.

It’s called the new A$M rule lol

Again, if the student athlete didn’t like the chance to get a FREE education in return for playing a sport, they didn’t have to do it.

Just like if you don’t like something where you WORK, you can leave and go somewhere else.

It is AMERICA, Jack !!

What is about FREE, that people don’t understand.


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