New OL Coach is …

a dud so far.

We cannot block your Grandmother.

Or mine.


i blocked my grandma once. she called asking where my facebook posts went


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That’s part of it, but it’s also a very bland running game.

There is rarely anything called for runs outside the tackles. Matthew Golden is a dynamic player. If the kid is dangerous after the catch but has stones for hands, then work a designed run in here and there.

I was always impressed with Holgersen’s ability to find creative ways to get the ball in Carrier’s hands back in the day.

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I agree.

He might be deadly on a reverse or jet sweep.


I second that.

Our Oline play in general and especially our RUN BLOCKING has been our weakest element this season.

He was brought in to be our run game coordinator.

At this point, I’d give him an F- grade in that role.

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And it starts with recruiting.

Apparently we do not have enough talent, though we have 2 years to recruit after The Big 12 announcement.

In general Dana and his staff cannot recruit Linemen. Just cannot.

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Definitely looks that way. And many of the running plays are slow-developing, which makes it difficult to sustain blocks. On the other hand, he did well at Tulane. It’s very possible that we simply don’t have what it takes up front. We’re pretty much starting the same guys that didn’t get it done last year.


So did Donny Avery. It’s called “coaching up”.

Oh yeah, we fired him

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You won’t get an argument out of me on this. Golden is a pro in the making if coached properly.

What is this jet seeep you speak of?

Like Yeoman, we need to option the DE and have our Tackles block the LB.

We cannot block them, so option them.

Try a 2 RB set. One TE and 2 WR’s. Just try anything.

These problems are probably permanent vs good opponents this year.

We must have improved recruiting. No cure for low talent.

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I really thought this would be the key to a good season. Instead it is why we look awful.
If you can’t get one yard then you have no business going for it on fourth and short. Until you establish that running works the defense has no reason to sell out on it. Take the points and each game looks different instead of turning the ball over on downs


I don’t know who the next coach will be, but I also don’t expect every coach to be like Sumlin or Herman, a winning record their first year. Both of them had good recruits to work with, our next coach will need at least a year to build a team. The transfer portal is a gamble, sometimes you get a great pick, other times you don’t. Might help seal some holes, but building a quality team usually takes time.

Holgorsen’s had that time, it’s failed, it’s time to move on.


Did he not run one in the first game for a big loss ? ? ? ? ?

In regards to the O-line coach . . . . . I noticed that TCU was running a 3-4 defense with the 4 within about 2 or 3 yds of LOS, essentially causing us to run with 5 or 6 O-line against 7 defenders. Hard cheese. In second half, after a couple of quick, over the middle completions, the LB’s backed away to about 4 to 5 yards and it helped, but not much. I’m thinking lack of quality depth wore down our offense, along with the Briles O.

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I find it quite puzzling that Dana wants to run the ball and control the clock, yet doesn’t have the personnel to do it. He’s obviously not recruiting the right type of players.

I watched teams for years crowd the LOS to stop Yeoman’s running game.

He did play action and threw the football. Often to his TE who was wide open.

In 1966 Bo Burris lead the nation in TD passes with 22. Out of a running offense.

Things can be done which work.

Naghavi replaced an OL coach (Jones) that arrived in tow with CDH and his emphasized run playbook. He coached that playbook and run game at WVU before he arrived at UH and even with that history, he was fired by Dana after 4 years because of the ineptness of our OL. It didn’t take any of us 4 years to reach that conclusion! All of your same complaints here in addition to total lack of discipline (massive penalties) have been voiced since year one. Dana fired Jones so late in the recruiting year that Naghavi had virtually no chance to recruit so the jury is still out on how well he can handle that task. My opinion is it will be much better than his predecessor.
I’ll bet Naghavi will coach and recruit better than Jones, he’s already cleaned up the penalties. However, as long as Dana’s playbook coupled with his emphasized run game are the offense we trot out on the field, you won’t see anything different than you’ve witnessed the previous 4+ years.
Anyone notice how many TCU runs were off tackle and how many UH runs are between the tackles?