New QB 2021 commit

Juco QB from a Mississippi junior college. Has 3 other offers. Rivals says he is class of 2021, HUDL says 2023. The facebook post said he was HS class of 2019, so the 2021 sounds right and he should be here for fall.


Wow, very impressive young man. Welcome! We need some depth plus he seems like he has the Keenum style it from his highlights.


What impressed me in the videos was his quick and accurate release under pressure and his ability and accuracy when he had time to survey the whole field. Oh, and he is a good runner! Seemed in control of the situation. Go COOGS! He just needs a UH spelling lesson on that aspect LOL


Good Lord he’s fast.

Boom :boom:


I like him!

Lol. You like this one?

If MrBeast gives him a Boom, that’s good enough for me.


I guess he is needed in case the offence is not in tune with CDH

I’m not knocking the kid, I like all of the kids that want to play for UH, but I don’t see anything on film that Edwards can do that Massoud can’t do. If I am wrong, I will eat crow. But, I still think that Massoud just needs an opportunity to get some reps under the bright lights on Saturdays. He is mobile, savvy, and he can sling it around the yard. UH usually does pretty good with QBs that move around, make good decisions, and throw the ball all over the field…Ware, Kolb, Keenum, Ward… At the public spring practice, I liked what I saw from Massoud. Not a big guy, but he made plays and the kids on the field with him had some energy following his lead. Just my 0.02 cents. That said, welcome Holman Edwards. The Hudl video showed you slinging the ball around. We can always use that at UH.

Go Coogs. Peace.

Why would it be this late in the process of committing? Grades? What about other offers? Is this a Tom Penders fifty different events that transpired get that landed him at UH? I don’t get it.

Glad we got another QB!


I have never seen a player look bad on a highlight reel. They seem to complete every pass.


May use him in the redzone along with Green, we struggled big in the redzone, a running QB or wildcat sets would be nice

Does not look like they passed much. But is work tapes look good. And maybe Dana just wants some more depth, let see if he can complete for the backup job

Yes, we would all love to have another Ware, Kolb, Keenum, or Ward. Our coaches see all of our QB’s every day and have decided that Tune is the guy at this point. Only having spring practice, I wouldn’t expect Kopp to be able to do much, he hasn’t even had time to learn the playbook. Massoud may turn out well, but as of now, he is not where the staff expects, or wants, him to be.

So here we have a juco transfer that has 3 years to play, thanks to the free COVID year. He looks good to me, but all highlight films show plays that make the players look good. The important thing is that CDH thinks he looks good and will be a fit here. Whether he supplants either Kopp or Massoud in the pecking order is yet to be seen. But it is always good to have more competition and more guys available in case of injury.


He could case k again and looks like that Clemson QB.

Stares down his primary receiver a little too much for my taste

Welcome aboard!!


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