New team. New Building

We’re still not comfortable in our new building. Our shooting percentage will go up as the year goes on. The good news is these tight games we’re winning are probably the worst we play all year. New team, new building. We are going to be extremely dangerous come tourney time.


I think the big led screens behind the goals have allot to do with the poor shooting


Getting back on the road should help shooting too. Corey especially shoots well on the road.

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I can see why, the Fertitta Center gives the impression they’re playing in a dome arena. The court floor looks a little elevated and the ceiling is pretty high up. Great home court advantage, tho. The next two games are very winnable, and should be a way to work out the kinks and find that third 3 point consistent shooter going into conference play.

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Well, everyone is affected with the new toy. Watching yourself play on the big jumbotron screen…