New Team Shop/BKSTR

Has a bunch of stuff i dont need but want! I havent seen this much selection in a while from the team shop. They have alot of tailgating stuff and a bunch of shirts and pants, so consider me impressed with the selection.

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I’m always looking for golf stuff. Club head covers for my Epic driver, maybe new UH golf bag, poker chip ball marker, etc. Hard to find sometimes

What’s the web link


Went on our annual gear trip for move in weekend. Since the eFollett take over the selection really declined dramatically. The last couple of years we struggled to find as much really elite stuff that you could previously only find at the campus store. The shopping hauls were next to nothing.

This year, its a different story. They gave a bit of a facelift to the store and rearranged it quite a bit. The selection and volume of gear grew by at least 30% and it much more on par with pre changeover. We found the quality and elite selection to be much more in line as well. This years trip was a success and we were happy to support and now represent with new gear.

My suggestion is to go give it a try because I was a harsh critic, but I also give credit where its due. They did well this year, I hope this continues.


Glad they stepped up. It really didn’t make a lot of sense to invest heavily last year for obvious reasons. Hopefully this is just the beginnings new and improved