New Texas law on Kratom

Anybody use this stuff?

It’s sometimes sold at gas stations and convenience stores.

You can now get fined if you sell it to someone under 18.

I’ve never tried it. Does it actually make you high?

Never heard of it.

Kratom is a mind expanding substance, often used to get people in psychiatric need some relief.

It’s now treated about like tobacco.

Used to be completely unregulated.

How would you describe its psychoactive effects?

Like caffeine?

Don’t know, maybe we should all get some before the game Saturday. Might make it more tolerable.


Somewhat, but it’s way more psychoactive than that.

In small doses, it can help with a lot of mental problems. I would say its effects are more in the realm of Ayahuasca, but on a much, MUCH smaller scale. You won’t poop yourself or trip for 2 days.

Simply put it has opioid like effects and can be addictive and abused.
Not uncommon to see kratom addicted patients in substance use treatment clinics.

Would love to have links to studies if you have them.

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Seems like at worst, it’s similar to methadone.

Most use it to get off of opioids.

Much like methadone, it can have side effects.

A lot of people use it recreationally though.

That’s why I asked if it actually makes you high.

It has a couple of ingredients which activate the opioid receptors thus leading to a similar sort of effect as opioids and a similar addiction potential. The addiction treatment field, is not a fan by any means of kratom. I don’t advocate the use of kratom, even the unadulterated (as required by the new law) version.

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I can google, but I’m curious to your sources, so if you could share, I would appreciate it.

NIDA and SAMSHA are good sources for info on kratom.

My comments on previous posts are based on personal experience of treating individuals with kratom dependence.

That tells me all I need to know about the stuff.


I kind of don’t believe that.

Thank you for the links. I’ll do my best to check them out.

Don’t believe what?

The fact that it was sold in gas stations. I will need a link to pharmaceutical grade Kratom being sold in gas stations.

I don’t need urban myths.

It’s not regulated as a pharmaceutical.

The FDA hasn’t approved it for anything.

So there is NO “pharmaceutical grade.”

It used to be treated like a nutritional supplement.

Now it’s being regulated more like tobacco.

Yes, if you go to a gas station, you can often find it.

You can also get it on Amazon.

The links above show nothing about Kratom being sold in gas stations.

Step it up.