New Texas law on streaking on campus

I just learned this in today’s statewide prosecutor’s conference.

Indecent exposure is now an “enhanced” offense if it takes place on a college campus or career school.

Bottom line: don’t streak on the Quad!!!

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First who streaks anymore?

Also who did this? Is this a legislative thing?

It is being discussed in today’s “legislative update” class.

New law!

Well I’m glad the doofus is pearl clutches of Gilead have nothing better to do. Huzzah

Isn’t that a time honored tradtion at Rice?

Not sure why we needed an additional law for this, but ok.

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Texas has become one of the dumb states.

Paxton can break so many laws, but let’s focus on streaking.


I had a mate on my floor in Moody Towers who we nicknamed “The Sock”.

He wore a sock to study in the cafeteria during finals week.

The Sock is now born-again and a millionaire.

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Dude, fill in the details.

Did he ONLY wear a sock? If so, that’s pretty bold, assuming this was in the '90s.

Red Hot Chili Peppers did it at concerts.

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Inspired by the Chili Peppers, that was my costume for NOD around 91/92. Got stopped by the cop at the door who cited the indecent exposure law. Genitals AND anus must be covered. I had to borrow a jacket to get in. :smile:

Sounds like you needed a bumper sticker.

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Early 80s.
Yes, only a sock.
In the 80s there was a very studious group living in the Towers, I don’t think anyone noticed.



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Another fail.

Paxton is an embarrassment.

When your state’s top prosecutor is under a felony indictment for securities fraud….it’s a bad look for ALL prosecutors in the state.


Wishful thinking uhlaw. Acquited on all charges says it all. Texas politician rinos was behind it from the beginning.

An impeachment is a political proceeding, not a criminal one.

He still has to answer for his indicted offense, and he’s still under a FBI investigation.


Sure he is.

Glad you at least acknowledge that much.

Weren’t those slam dunk indictments?