New to TDECU this year--no cash

Just got an email from Cougar Pride.

It discusses issues involving premium seating, Cougar Pride’s tailgate and Yeoman Hall.

You probably already know if any those topics affect you. And if they do, you probably received the same email.

But one item in the email applies to all of us and we all need to know: “TDECU Stadium is cashless for 2022. Only credit cards and digital payment methods will be accepted.”

That’s the first I heard that. I usually carry some smaller bills for tips for my servers, and any of you that do the same still can.

But bring plastic if you want food or a drink.

I dont carry much cash anyway. Debit card and credit card are what I mostly use. I also got Zelle, Paypal, CashApp and Venmo.

The future is now.

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I never have cash. If this means the walk around beer guys take cards I’m happy.

If they even have walk around beer guys. It will be hard for them to sell to guys in the interior of a section.

Good point, Mike. I’m right near the aisle, and it annoys me when a vendor is selling something in front of me for 2 or 3 minutes and I can’t see. This could lengthen that blockage.


We are going to a cashless society

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May be replaced with more of the food runners from the app.

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I will do all my eating and drinking at tailgate.


That’s a good point.