New Tradition being unveiled at TDECU on April 15th

The University of Houston Alumni Association is excited to invite you to the unveiling of a new UH tradition based on an old legend. Saturday, April 15 at 12:30 p.m. at TDECU Stadium, in front of gate 2.

Following the unveiling, the celebration continues with the annual Red-White Game, which begins at 2 p.m. inside TDECU stadium. The 2017 Red-White Game gives fans their first looks at the 2017 UH Team. Admission and parking is FREE.

Alright , just don’t mess with Womp Womp !



“A new UH tradition based on an old legend”?

Palm Tree Statue.

You heard it here first.


Can it be tradiation if it’s never been done.


Yep, the phrase “new tradition” sure sounds like a contradiction in terms.

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Are they going to have Shasta in a Cage on that platform during tailgating?

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That would be cool as hell!!

Creating a new tradition is certainly something that one can do. Some traditions start organically (preferred). Others can be created. UH has so few traditions, and the one’s we do have are usually met with a loud snitty contingent complaining about them. :grimacing:

I love that UH is being proactive about this.

It’ll be a Coog statue with a missing digit on its paw from what I’ve heard from multiple people.

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Makes sense. That is the only old legend that comes to mind, but how would it be the new tradition? Seems like it would just be another marker. Was the “Whoose House, Coogs House” marketed as a “New Tradition”?

We already have a Cougar statue outside the stadium. :worried:

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I just hope it is not redundant. We already have the Shasta/Cougar statue on the other side that the players come through and touch prior to the game.

If it was a larger slab I would jokingly say it is the statue of the cougar attacking a longhorn

Or maybe they will have a fire pit outside that we light

But honestly, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a kid who several other people know for a fact that this will be the statue

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That would be frickin awesome!

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Coog as in Case? Are you being cryptic again!?

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I love that! A firepit would get a lot of buy in!

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I’m with you! We just need to have more late games to get the full ambiance.


:rofl: JD being JD gets them to reveal the secret in an interview

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