New TX Doxing Law

It is now a misdemeanor offense to post someone’s address or phone number on a public website when done with the intent to threaten or harm them or their household.

Class B or Class A if bodily injury results to that person as a result of the Doxing.


The law violates the First Amendment. It will be challenged.

That being said, I abhor doxing. Trump did it several times with the intent to harm. He even accidentally did it to a member of his staff.

He’s a scumbag though. Not sure this holds up in court.

Does that apply if the address or phone number is already publicly available? For example, addresses are readily available on HCAD and phone numbers can be found on some website or social media.

The key is “with intent to harm.”

So you’re saying all you have to say is “I’m leaving this here, do what you will with the information”

That’d be a tougher case.


Suppose they posted: “so and so USSC Justice lives at this address……go there tomorrow at 2 pm and vandalize their house to show how much you hate their last decision.”

Free speech……or terrorism?

It’s code for “both sides” because we see so many libs doing this and other libs taking the hint.

Got it.

Good intentions no doubt with the law. Unclear to me if it would
or wouldn’t be 1a violation. I’d lean that the law is not a 1A violation.

Now proving the intent is tricky thing to do for the law enforcement. Or either
the poster will include the necessary language to thwart that charge.

End result , nothing will really change by the law.