New UH Bookstore

…gear and seatbacks.


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Ha, no textbooks.

Did they lose the contract and are clearing out merch or just a summer clearance?

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Yes. New company (believe it’s Barnes and Noble) is coming in and taking over that space.

Wasnt it barnes and nobles already?

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Yes, Follett is taking over

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Wow. Barnes and Noble had it for a long time. I don’t have much knowledge in how Follett runs their stores. I know they did have the TSU contract at one time. They also bought the retail division from Nebraska Book Co a number of years ago. Nebraska Book Co ran The College Store and Rother’s after the Rother’s sold it to them. One thing I knew from Barnes and Noble is most stores had central buyers so there wasn’t as much customization or uniqueness on the soft goods. However some stores might have had more leeway as Barnes and Noble seemed to have a wider selection of Cougar gear in the last number of years. Only problem was more of it should have been available online. I wonder though if Follett will bring new management or pick up some of the B&N people.

Not sure what Follett brings to the table as far as customization on an individual campus basis, but having to compete against them in a related business, I know their systems and support are second to none. First impression is that it is very good move.

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Ya’ll guys are just cruel. The book store and food services should be public, to give the maximum value to the students at a reasonable cost and also for the employees who have a decent wage/benefit structure and therefore care about their jobs serving the students (not an at will profit mongering contractor). What passes now is just a cash cow to monopoly businesses who couldn’t give a longhorn’s ass about the well being of Cougar students. I’ve been on both ends of the transaction as a Cougar student: public service wins.

Huh? Care to expand how this could happen? Truly interested in how this could transpire.

Sure they could do a Coop type of arrangement like at UT. However the risk to the University and Students if that failed to get off the ground and be sustainable likely keeps any nonprofit out of the running. It would take some really experienced people to build something like that at this time.

Man, when I read the title to the thread, I thought there would be some good deals on a pair of Luchesse boots.


Does anyone know if the Yeti stuff or other drink stuff is still there?

Like I said, cruel, with one addition, clueless. Do you know how much UH costs now? You know, back in 85, I was accepted at UT, no scholarship. The San Marcos school gave me 1000 yr academic and I took it. I had 20 hrs, 4.0 GPA and the UH honors program matched it, plus dorm. I have been a Coog ever since. And I had smiley faces and warm food. 10 years later there was Mc.etc at minimum wage etc. Red, you need to do a reset. As for myself, although the UH admin has always been a corrupt mess, I got a real education which does not pay, for say, in the “marketplace”, but it sure made me a person and I have a wealth of knowledge for my offspring. No thanks to folks like you, and I mean it. This school is now out of budget for most working people. It is a disgrace. It is a fact.

Oh, and enjoy your chinese boots.

I mean “Luchesse”.


Um, hmm. Is the bookstore open this weekend? I’d like to give it a gander.

Food services bookstore etc used to be University employed ie state employees. Makes sense no? Then it got privatized…ARA etc Barnes and Noble. Profit! That is the current system. A captive market, minimum wage part time work for those that task the task. No need to improve etc, because where else are the students to go between classes? So much for “public education” in today’s world. I know, because I attended UH between these phases. It was obvious.

Not sure UH admin can do anything about it at this point. Higher Education costs at most places have spiraled out of control and schools have had to find ways to squeeze money out of everything. Until the state government is willing to fund schools properly and fairly while also keeping spending at the schools like UT and A&M under control, things will continue to get worse. Not going to hold my breath on that as the state government has shown for decades that they don’t care and/or pass the blame on to the colleges even though they have cut funding drastically to all schools while approving every project under the sun that UT/A&M come up with.


Went for lunch today.

Quite a bit of Nike stuff left, although not the best stuff in my opinion. If you liked that whole no-collar thing Nike tried, there is quite a bit there. There is some kids stuff left as well as womens. Some Nike 100% cotton shirts still around in many sizes.

Some Columbia fishing shirts in reasonable sizes still there. Nike and UA backpacks.

Lots of basketball and football jerseys left.

Plenty of hats available as well.