New UH commercial released

I like it. Can definitely get used to seeing it every commercial break when watching UH sports on the American Digital Network.

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Anyone catch Vanderbilt’s last night. Worst ever.

Love our band but I really wish they could go back to a more traditional-looking uniform. Those uniforms look hideous.

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i’d be more ok with it… if it didn’t have…


It isn’t just having blue, it’s having gradient blue. Looks horrible.

Excuse me?? Our uniforms are VERY nice, This type of uniform is the modern style that every band is adopting. and UH was part of the pioneering of this style.

Would you rather us look like these Idiots?

or these?

Our uniforms are look great. We love them so please don’t complain about them.

I agree. I think the UH band uniforms look great!

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Good thing about this country is our ability to complain about anything we want. Not everyone has to share your opinion.


The blue still looks horrible. New doesn’t mean better. The thing is: I love the style and cut. The ONLY thing that makes them look bad is the gradient blue.


I think the uniforms are ok. Get 'em drummer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Our band’s uniforms remind me of a lot of the schools in the B1G and SEC. It’s a good look.

Another good video I found on the UH multimedia page.

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Didn’t know we had so many fashion critics in here!

I keep expecting them to call Orson…come in Orson

it’s not about fashion…it’s about the colors that represent your school… we’re red white and silver…not red white and blue. I think the style looks great, it seems to be a very modern version of the classic, which is likely much more comfortable and looks good…But I also HATE the blue…

Oregon is supposed to be green and gold, but it hasn’t stopped them from wearing every imaginable shade of a dozen or so different colors.

SILVER?!??? Is that this decade’s "blue "?

Like the style, hate the blue.

Yeah I would rather not have UH be a part of the Oregon style freak show.

I think the band looks great! My heartfelt appreciation for all you do for The University. We love listening to and watching you guys at the games and other events. My daughter is a Freshman this year at U of H and may come out for the band next year.

All Hail Coog Nation!

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