New Uniform Revealed this afternoon

The new @uhcougarfb unis have arrived. We will release 📷 this afternoon right here. Stay tuned... #HTownTakeover

A photo posted by UHCougars (@houstoncougars) on Jul 22, 2016 at 7:31am PDT

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They’ll have Big 12 patches on them?


A Reversible AAC, Big XII, Pac 12 patch.


Velcro square for Conference patch.

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I like.

Nice, clean look. No complaints here.

I honestly don’t care what the uniforms look like as long as I see them in the end zone on a regular basis.


They’re ok. The white stripes on the sleeves make me think Nebraska…Actually, the overall look makes me think Nebraska.

I like them a lot. They look timeless.

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I like the look a lot. Simple, regular stripes and looks very “college football”-esque.

My only drawback on the new look, and only because I’m also a Hawkeyes fan . . . . they look an awful lot like Wisconsin.

Overall though, the new uniforms get an “A+”.

Thumbs up. They look great.

Run’n Shoot redux.

They look like Wisconsin or Nebraska uniforms!
Is it a hint of the Big 10 conference?


Excellent. Simple and clean. Two thumbs up. :slight_smile:

Is this the only picture we’re going to get? I’d like to see the combos.

They need a red helmet. Those white helmets make the uniform suck.

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We have a red helmet, and you’re in the vast minority on the white ones.


Nebraska has those boring helmets …

With the badgers a bit better …


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Why doesn’t the red in the jersey match the red on the helmet? It’s two totally different reds.

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