New USNWR College Rankings

UH fell slightly, from T187 to T194.

Looks like the 6 year grad rate went up 3 points (48% to 51%).

Yeah. But we’ve known that since Spring when the 2015-16 Common Data Set was published.

Looking at the rankings, most of the public schools in the Big 12 and public Big 12 expansion candidates dropped a few spots like we did.

Only exceptions: Kansas St improved from 146 to 135. Cincy improved from 140 to 135.

Most of the private schools, on the other hand, improved a few spots.

Exceptions: TCU stayed the same. BYU dropped a couple spots.

Did a data dump of some of our peers. It’s raw data and I’m not going to pay the $30 to unlock the pay areas. Wanted to try to compare and see if there were any trends.

One thing that stands out a lot to me is that a large portion is attributed to what High School Counselors and Peers think of a school. I’m surprised such a subjective stat is given so much weight (22.5%)

Very interesting Patrick.

When we get our graduation rate up over 60% a few years from now, it might be worthwhile to pay $30 to get all the data and recalculate the ratings WITHOUT the 22.5% subjective components.

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