New Year traditions

What traditions do you have for the New Year?

Stay home and don’t drink. Watch the CFP.



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Get champagne drunk and shoot guns in the air. And when we run out of ammo start shooting fireworks till 4am, just to f*** with everyone’s dogs.



Black eyed peas for good luck, cabbage for money.


Money in our hands at midnight means you’ll have money all next year

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Watch pornography and eat mcdonalds


Coogs Basketball and football invitational.


New Year’s Eve- Shoot the guns in the air. Shoot fire works as long as possible. Champagne at midnight is optional but Tequila is a requirement in this household.
Eat 12 grapes. one for each month in the new year. Make a wish with each grape.

New Year’s Day lunch - cabbage, black eyed peas, ham and tamales are staples.

New years blessing for the house and family in it.
House gets labled for the new year.

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Wait, are people really shooting guns in the air? I assumed that was a joke. People do know bullets come down, right?

People do it every year no matter the warnings.

Like Uhlaw already mentioned. The wife makes corned beef, black eyed peas and cabbage.

I was being sarcastic, I don’t personally shoot guns in the air. I don’t own a gun but was drilled into me at a young age not to shoot unless it’s to kill (excepting target practice, and only with a safe background).

That said, if you live in any decent sized town you must know people shoot guns in the air on special occasions.

I must have heard a thousand rounds throughout the night, most from pretty far away, but some within a half a block of us. I stayed under the front porch and wouldn’t let the kids go out in the yard. We watched fireworks from the front porch.

Yeah, that was directed at our own. I know stupid people do it, was hoping no UH grads. My neighborhood is like a war zone on 4th of July and New Years with all the fireworks. Hard to tell the difference between gun shots and fireworks with how many are going off.

My fiscal year starts February 1st so I’m going to shoot off a ton of fireworks and shoot a couple guns into the air after midnight 2/1 to celebrate.

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When I used to dove hunt sometimes you would be a few hundred yards away from another hunter and sometimes you would get “peppered” with dove shot BBs from the other hunter… but they were going so slow at that point they don’t hurt you…

My point…

Not all bullets are the same…

Wasn’t even thinking of shotgun pellets as bullets. I guess those wouldn’t be as bad falling from the sky. I can go that route when I celebrate February 1st.

My own neighborhood in unincorporated fort bend county (Cinco Ranch II) is a gigantic fireworks show on those two dates.

On my street alone, two other households, in addition to mine, were firing them off on New Year’s Eve.

The rest of the neighborhood was the same.

GREAT fun and GREAT show!!!


When my sister lived in Corpus, we would go there for ZNew Years. We would buy some serious fireworks and go down to Padre Island to shoot them off.

It was was like the Battle of Baghdad on the beach. Thousands of people shooting off fireworks. It was like they had robbed fireworks stores. It went on for hours. It was outlawed when the drought hit and my sister moved to Houston

Yeah that gravity thing could ruin the new year for someone.

Assumed everyone would know the shooting part is a joke.

People do it though. It’s in the news every year.

Go Coogs!!