News & Notes From Inside The Box Score: UH vs. SDSU - | UH Sports

Gray took 14 of UH’s 28 second-half shots. That means besides #32, we hit 2 of 14 shots (14%). The Coogs went 1/11 from the field from 10:31 to go until Gray’s 3-pointers with 40 seconds left. Overall, UH shot just 28.6% in the 2nd half. The slow-it-down strategy and the execution were lacking. Against the Wolverines, if we try to slow it down, we lose. You can’t out-Big10 a Big10 team

Gray will need help vs Michigan. We got lucky vs SDSU and it would be foolish to expect him to literally keep us in the game and ultimately win it. Davis Jr, Brooks, D. Davis all need to step it up.