Newsmax Guest: We Need to be More Homophobic

Firstie was on Tv?


She would have been better off if she had said we need to be more realistic and scientific.

Homophobia is scientific?

Links to studies, please.

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They talk about being unserious in that clip.

Um…you idiots elected Trump. The world laughed at us for that one. That would be the reason no one takes us seriously, outside of our military might.

The world is laughing at us for electing a senile old man.

Oh you’re finally realizing what is wrong with Trump. Good for you.

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That’s what I said.

The world laughed at us for electing senile old man Trump.


You know who the senile old man is, lol and it isn’t trump.

Trump is a senile old man who is on your team. Look at just one of his tweets recently and tell me he is sane.

He is not. He is a spitstain on American history, and he’s your leader.

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Trump is nuts. He yells it to everyone daily.


We didn’t elect you though, so only other option would be that you’re talking about Trump.


Robert L Peters