Next Evolution of College Football

Anybody here care to venture what the next big
reorganization thing will be in college football ?

I don’t mean anymore of this penny ante stuff.
I’m talking about making it for profit and take to a new level. Heck even sell shares in the teams to raise more capital.

Here is an interesting article on NFL profitability.

What NFL Team Is Worth the Most Money?
The Dallas Cowboys is worth the most money in the NFL. The team brought in revenue of about $980 million, earning about $425 million in operating profit for the 2020 season, according to Forbes.

Mind boggling, at least to me.

I’ll swing at that pitch…

I think the next big thing will be that about 30 teams will break from the NCAA and form their own self-governing league that is built around huge TV contracts where they make rules allowing them to pay players, virtually no scholarship limits and coordinated recruiting efforts. 2030ish. It won’t be hard to figure who will be included. One more prognastication… media market presence will become more important again.

As for the rest of college football, I believe we will see more regional alignment in conferences. This drives attendance, which is where the money will come from because all the big TV money will be spent on the one super league.

The next thing evolution of college football will be $2 beer games.

I think that’s a likely scenario too.How much will it cost to pay for top 4/5 star guys across the board ? Million ? 2-3 million / year ?

It’s not “college” football any longer.

We’re in AAA for the NFL.

The AAA, of course, loses a ton of money. All minor league sports either require subsidy or fail. With college branding, this does has a higher likelihood of success but when people talk about college sports as a minor league they often shrug off that a lot of the interest in college sports is somewhat specific to the current model.

I think people overestimate the interest level of such a league. A lot of people follow college sports because their alma mater is a part of it. If the assumption is that by kicking out Ole Miss and Mississippi State, their fans will become LSU fans, they’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Why would I be at all invested in USC vs Alabama when I could just be watching the NFL which has much better players? Right now I am invested because it is the college sports championship, and the school I care about is under that umbrella.

Yeah, you’ll still have the Walmart shirt fans, but we’re talking about some serious losses here.


We’re paying coaches millions of dollars. Boosters are outwardly paying athletes thousands of dollars to play for their schools. We’re all lining up for the almighty television dollar.

This equals sports on a professional level, albeit one that is below the level of play found in the NFL, NBA, or MLB. But we’re clearly in a new era of minor league sports on campus. It is no longer in the closet. It’s all about the greenbacks.

I agree with this 100%.
Hard core college fans have a team they root for. The Alabamas have more t-shirt fans but you’ll never pull a Vanderbilt fan over to watch Bama if they’ve been left out of the game. And on and on.

I think they’ll try something like this and it will be terribly contentious. Greed is a powerful drug. More powerful than alcohol I think.