Next week?

Just got a text from a Memphis fan:

“Just told it will be Memphis, Cincy, Houston and BYU, all sports. Announcement likely Monday, give or take a little.”


LOL—Memphis Mondays…

Two days ago, one of our regents tweeted out the following. Not particularly cryptic.


The Big 12 will announce that a couple of AAC teams will be leaving at the same time of the AAC media days???

That’s would be a low blow if true.

Similar to MR leaving Mizzou the way he did.

Yeah, I don’t buy the timing.

It will probably be UH announcing the IPF and Hoff stuff.


Re: RE: More Big 12 Twitter smoke

(Today 12:27 PM)aardWolf Wrote:  
I would be more concerned about the whole August 1st thing if three other schools in competition posted the same thing today.

Memphis Forum

Isn’t that the day before AAC media days?

Clicked that Memphis link. Sheesh. For a Tier 4 school that sucks at everything, their fans sure are proud of themselves.

I just can’t buy Memphis…just don’t see the appeal. Guess (FEDEX) money talks.

C’mon. The Big 12 is at least going through the motions of a robust search process. They’re asking potential schools for information and have outlined a presentation process. No way that they short-circuit it all and make an announcement on August 1.

agreed…they have their 4 schools, i think, but they must go through the process…thats how it works…

They’ve had a search committee for over a year. They’ve got their consultant reports.

They know who they want.

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Yeah reading that Memphis link was tough. I mean, I get it, we have to beat them first…oh wait, nevermind. Lol! Go Coogs!

I can’t remember the last time we lost to Memphis. Shoot their best team in school history lost to us last year.

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