Next year looking really big

Next year with OU and Wazzou on the schedule and our east AAC conference games being UCF, Cincy and UConn, we can really help ourselves with strong results. Having the Wazzou game at NRG for the kickoff classic will give us national exposure as will the OU game and UCF if they are having another good year when we play them. Cincy is always a grind.


We lose like 8 defensive starters.



Love next year’s schedule. Our 2019 schedule is what a P-5 schedule should look like. Every game looms large.


I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the 2017 season. It’s our last chance!!! Gotta take advantage of this opportunity!

With D’Eriq King at QB anything is possible.

We need an elite secondary to handle those two offenses. That is Air Raid followed by Air Raid. We have an offense that can keep up, but we need better players/coaching in the secondary.

I fully recognize the improvement of the defense during this season, e.g. player development, coaching, and adjustments… but defeating an over-ranked run offense in USF vs knocking off not one, but two elite Air Raid attacks in the first two games of the season are two very different tasks.


We need to focus on getting an NY6 this year first

Still have a lot of season left to look that far ahead


Big Ed we know you declared but it’s not too late. I kid I kid. Wouldn’t want him playing Navy next year anyway.


After a slow start in the secondary, we currently lead the FBS in passes defended at 47. Plus, we’ve played some underclassmen so I think we won’t lose much in the secondary.

We need an elite pass rush and I am just as concerned about that as with the coverage.


You attack air-raid teams. Strong outside rush, combined with pressing the WRs on the line of scrimmage throws QB off his timing. We lose a number of defenders, but return our outside edge rushers, and a large compliment of LBs and Safeties return. Hit’em hard, hit’em fast, and then hit’em again!


We lose 9 starters on defense that began the year as starters. We also lose our #3 ILB and our #3 CB

Only returnees are Turner (or Chambers) and Anderson. Sprewell is getting plenty of playing time now that G.Davis is out, so he’ll be an experienced returnee. We’ve got a number of DL and LBs getting reps along with more talent coming in to those positions to go along with solid coaching at those position groups.

Worry is CB as we lose our top 3 CBs and we haven’t had many reps for guys behind them. K.Smith has had some snaps here and there, but that’s about it. He, J.Smith, and Small seem to be the 3 guys that will get a chance, but hopefully we have another grad transfer or JUCO transfer coming in to compete with them.


So the defense could be a big problem next year. Sounds like King is going to have to score 100 points every game to win.

We’ll certainly be appealing to some grad transfers. We need like 5 CBs in a hurry.


going into next year we will only have 4 cbs returning on the roster

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It’s been a position of neglect. Here’s another one…defensive line. We have little to no depth at either one of those. Converting players from other positions and living and dying by JUCO transfers is not ideal. It’s the only thing we can do at the moment it seems, but going forward, CMA needs to address it in a major way. No pun intended.

got plenty of DEs tho, but you see true freshmen like Logan Hall come in this season, chambers returning should help. Fleming is the only returning DT, but the signing of Miles from joco should help. I’m excited about the new incoming Linebackers tho (Parish, Ahnil, ect). If we could find a way to get another Nick Watkins we should be alright. Javin Smith should be a good cb next year tho.

Win the NY6 and we’ll get transfers no sweat

Especially with the schedule we have next year… Grads are going to want to be here for their shot at the NFL

I’m not worried.


We have bodies no doubt. I’m just concerned about their strength going up against teams with more physical and experienced OLines like Navy, Tulsa, and UCF. We’ll know right away next year what we have up front because you don’t get stronger over the season. That’s my concern.

We also need to stop recruiting LB’s to play the nickle. If anything we want true safeties and true LBs because we have so many bodies that are just bouncing around from different positions trying to learn too much.

CB is going to be a huge question mark because we had issues this year(although they’ve improved) with very experienced guys.

Assuming everyone (even the coaches) returns the offense should be absurd so maybe we won’t even need a defense. lol Maybe we just need 3 stops a game to win with an elite offense.

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I agree. Win the conference championship and earn a NY6 bowl game and recruiting becomes easier.

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Sprewell always seems to be in the right position, but hes D# mindset isn’t up to par, when ever there’s a runner he seems to just stand still and hold his arms out (like a scared highschooler). I always liked the way G.Davis attacked ball carriers. That being said he has been serviceable to say the least.