Next year’s QB

Tune wasn’t good until his 3rd full year starting. I think CDH is banking on Smith making a leap. Even a modest improvement might be enough to squeak us out to 6 wins, a bowl, “progress” excuse, and buy him another year.

Personally, I don’t think Smith is anywhere near being as good as Tune in Tune’s junior year. I don’t see him becoming as good as Tune next year either. BTW, our OL is better than when Tune played last year or the year before.

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I dont think its fair to do comparisons but i do a see a qb with great athleticism and really good arm. The talent is there…

Name sounds like a badasss QB.

Logan played with him in JUCO. He can scramble for sure. He has improved with his passing, but he’s not the guy you want if your offense requires you to go thru your progressions. He’s the kind that already has his mind made up where he’s going to throw when he breaks the huddle.

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Wasn’t Smith in the Tech program for three years? If he was, then this is his fourth year. Tune was much better in his fourth year than Smith is now.

Tune had started many more games by year four and that’s probably the reason four the difference.

If our D can get off the field on 3rd and long, that will help Smith by giving him more opportunities on offense. Need some size on the D line.

That and Smith only started playing QB his senior year of high school. He still has room to grow, but who knows if he will?