Next years recruiting class

They are a national powerhouse at the select/showcase level.Based in Tomball, but have expanded to other metro Texas areas in the last several years. Lot’s of guys go to college, several made it to the bigs. My son played for them a couple of years before we moved to central Texas. Coaches are good, but then it’s easy to coach the kind of talent they get. I will say, that if you play for them you are pretty much a stud. They don’t take kids who’s parents buy their way on to the team.

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I don’t think Cade Graves is coming here. He signed with Alvin JC in the spring.

JUCO pitchers Rupp and Gasser both put up great stats. Am waiting to see what happens with the draft.

The other JC pitcher we signed, Reed Osburn of Howard CC, did not pitch well. Not expecting much from him at this point.

Brett Cain, also from Howard CC, only played in 10 games. Could not find any info on if he was injured or if it was something else.

I went to watch Ridge Point vs. Atascocita last Thursday. Pendergrass plays C for RP and bats cleanup. That night he was HBP three consecutive times. Bradbury, the guy who originally committed to us then switched to Miami is, as you would expect, a stud. Showed great bat speed and can really run.

Tre Richardson the Kingwood SS and C/O 20 commit led his very good district in hitting with a .604 avg, more than 100 points better than the second best hitter. He had three hits last night vs. Lamar.

Ridge Point and Kingwood face off next week. If any of you want to see two future Coogs, check it out.

I know of one more uncommitted JUCO outfielder the staff is after. I am hopeful he commits but we’ll see. He would be a good addition.


Hoping Tre makes it in…we’ll know more in November when early NLI’s are in

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Tre’s been pretty solidly committed so far. Would have to take a lot for him to drop us.

I kind of like Preston Steszewski from Ridge Point. Like Pendergrass, he’s another football/baseball kid who I’m assuming is going to play baseball in college? He’s also Class of 2020.

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Went to the final game at Ridge Point and I think we got a good one in Pendergrass. I think he plays both third base and catcher…not sure where we plan to play the kid but glad he is a Cougar.
Bradbury has a gun for an arm…he batted down in the lineup and really was silent at the plate in the 7-6 series clinching win…but he most certainly has a gun for an arm and can cover a lot of distance in the outfield.
Very entertaining pair of games and it should be a great series when RP plays Kingwood.
I thought they were going to play the PR-Atascasita series at UH, but I guess they changed at the last minute. Would love to see the Kingwood series played at UH

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Tre is a big time STUD.

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You think hes going PRO

Baseball recruiting changes like the wind. Having just went through it…crazy times. You’ll see all these verbals and amazing how very few of those actually make it in. Lot of verbal offers never materialize from both sides…kids don’t develop, grades, other schools, life, etc. We always seem to have a few local HS kids get drafted as well. Tre and Masyn Winn up there at KW are good ones


You can move from NCAA/NAIA/JUCO regardless of signed NLI. Its when try to move within each group that have to get release/etc.

Yeah, ive found out baseball recruiting is different from football & basketball.

It will be - Ridge Point vs Kingwood on Thursday and Friday night and possibly Saturday afternoon (at UH).

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I plan on making one or two of those games…should be another great series…

Ridge Point won a thriller over Kingwood last night by a 6-5 count after being down 5-1 early.
That was Kingwood’s first playoff loss this year after winning eight straight. RP hasn’t been too shabby either as it has only lost one game in four rounds. The winner of this series moves on to the state tourney in Round Top next week…
That sets up a much anticipated game tonight at UH with RP’s stud pitcher Hayde Key going against one of the top pitchers in the state in the Winn kid. Key is a Texas Tech commit while Winn is an Arkansas commit.
Winn throws around 95 mph and is also an outstanding hitter and infielder for Kingwood. I doubt he ever makes it to Hogland as he is expected to be a first round draft pick.
If you get a chance get out to UH at 7 pm if you want to see some really good high school baseball.
We have committed kids on both teams, including Will Pendergrass for RP and Tre Richardson, a slick fielding short stop for KW.
Once UH commit Bradberry from RP saved the game for the Panthers when he gunned down what would have been the winning run in the bottom of the seventh. He has a cannon for an arm and is a decent hitter. He is one of the few seniors on either squad and changed his commitment to Miami.


Seen that, great game. How about Moody taking down CyRanch 1-0 to even it up after get a 10-0 No-No thrown at them in Gm1. The Winn kid is a real good one. Agree with you on doubt he makes it to college after the draft

I’ve been really impressed with Ridge Point’s mechanics up and down the lineup. Their coach is a long time coach (Clinton Welch, played at Rice and then coached at Rice under David Hall) who was at Dulles forever being coming over to Ridge Point. They will be a powerhouse for years to come. Key is good but he doesn’t have the stuff that Winn has. It definitely could come down to a 3rd game, but Ridge Point seems to be on a roll so who knows.

Welch seems to be a very good coach. My son tells me that he is very highly respected on and off the field.
Winn and Key are both juniors. Winn is ranked first or seconds amongst Texas juniors, while Key is ranked third. I have not seen Winn pitch but will tonight.
I saw Key start in the 7-6 win over Atscocita in the last series.
In that game he did not look very sharp, but neither did his counterpart who is going to Rice. The strong win coming in from the outfield could have thrown both pitchers off that night.
I also agree with you that it come down to a third game and that might favor Ridge Point. They go three deep with decent pitchers, have a great defensive team and of course can hit the ball up and down their lineup…

Buds son played for Welch, speaks highly of him

Ridge Point won a thriller over Kingwood Friday night at UH, 3-2 to advance to the state tourney.
I was really impressed with Coog commit Tre Richardson. He is a smooth moving shortstop with range and a good arm. The junior is also a dangerous lead off hitter and can hit for some power. He is also very swift around the bases.
The Bradberry kid for RP, who was once a UH commit, hit the deciding two run homer, a towering bomb over the left field fence. I wish we could have kept the kid. To show how talented the RP lineup, Bradberry bats seventh or eighth in the lineup.
UH signee Pendergrass hit the ball hard a couple of times but didn’t get a hit. He played the catcher position and frankly did not have a great game there either. But this young man bats fourth in a really good lineup and is a great get by our Coogs.
Was disappointed I didn’t get to see the heralded pitcher from Kingwood, junior Winn, pitch. He played second and for some reason did not pitch in either game.
Once again, the shortstop from RP is going to be an absolute stud. The young man is a terrific fielder, a very good hitter and is only a freshman. I bet our coaches know all about him…


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