Probably up to the visiting team at this point

in terrible news… alabama game will only be available on the the secnetwork+

you have to have the SEC network cable channel, but it wont be broadcast on cable… you need your cable login to watch it online … that sucks
this will be our second best game of the game …not only willl most of the nation not be able to watch it …most of our fans cant either

hope the dark web comes through for those who need it that day …which includes me lol

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Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t realize I could get the sec+ on my iPad thru my U-verse login.

I’ve never not been able to find a game I wanted to watch on Bilasport. The problem is they don’t start listing games on there until shortly before game time.

Also, I had no idea SEC Network had a + streaming option. I thought SEC Network was part of ESPN, so any games on that network should be on ESPN+. I guess I was wrong.

Good info, I had no idea