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Where do our guys show up (project) on draft boards currently?

I saw one mock with the Cowboys getting Payton Turner in the 3rd round I believe. A few people’s heads on here might explode if they have to watch the Cowboys so that would be fun. I have been seeing a few 3rd round grades for him. Walter Football has Stevenson as a 2nd-4th rounder too. They have Stuard as 3rd-5th

I’ve seen Turner typically in the late 2nd to early third. Stevenson third to forth. Stuard Kris heading out as a late rounder 6-7 usually.

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I heard on the radio that Texans GM Nick Caserio said that 5th to 7th round picks rate the same as free agents. He’s supposed to be really smart, but …

During Dana’s last press show he raved about Turner.

I’ll finish for you: but he does work for the Texans.

Tell him to rate Tom Brady as an undrafted free agent.

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cbs prospect rankings has turner about 2nd round, Stevenson about 4th round, and stuard top 10 players undrafted (in the convo for 6-7th round)…


I hear Turner is rising while Stevenson is falling pretty bad. He ran slow and just didn’t seem prepared for the draft.

I think Stuard will be drafted, what round, I don’t know.


Not being prepared is a red flag for pro scouts. It speaks of work ethic or lack thereof.


I think he’s a 6 or 7th rounder.

Turner to the Saints!!!


Niceee! Let’s goooo!

In case anyone forgot.


Wow! First round and Saints, that’s a good day

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Snuck in there, not sure I make that pick as the Saints but awesome for Turner and us

WOWWW… i was expecting mid second for turner (like most projections)… wasnt expecting 1st round… i hope the draft grader dont go hard on him for being picked higher than projected. and start taking shots like they do every year

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Way to geaux Payton!!!


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