NFL Network Production

Did anyone else feel like the NFL Network production of the game was just amateurish? Many times showing us the backs of players, referees, etc or maybe some player on the sidelines for no real reason. The color guy couldn’t seem to stop talking about anything, except when there would be something to actually inform us about.

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I thought the announcers were probably guys getting their first chance at announcing anything. They were boring and annoying.

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Yes I figured they were less experienced and hopefully will improve. But also felt the choices of what was shown was also subpar.

Unless I misunderstood when Duarte,etc mentioned it.
ESPN did all the production for this one and sold the broadcast rights to the NFL Network. I wonder if that includes rebroadcast ?
It was a game for the record books.

I was expecting ESPN to do the production but nothing about it looked like an ESPN production. Not just quality - that varies between ESPN productions - but the infographics stuff seemed different too.

I told my buddy that the NFL Network was letting the interns get some experience during that game. I know the crowd was light and tight camera angles were in order but they were really tight. The rest was similar.

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They needed to scroll the other games and the astros score instead of fantasy football mess. I missed the alvarez homer because of that. Plus the lsu alabama updates.:rage: