NHL Coyotes move to Houston?

The Yotes are denying it, but you gotta hope!


The Houston Golden Nuggets?

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Aeros or Apollos!!!



What is NHL?

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NHL is that thing with the ball that looks like an egg and you take turns running it to either side for points.

The only sport that tolerates and actually encourages fist fights. That’s why it’ll never go as main stream as the other sports. Look at the NFL. It only became the juggernaut that its become because they cleaned it up. Regular sports fans don’t want to see fights in team sports.

If you ever see an NHL game in person you will be hooked. It is the most incredible in person sport. On TV it is just ok, but in person it is unbelievable.


Fights aren’t encouraged. I’ll buy tolerated as penalties are minimal, generally.

Attend a NHL game.

The NHL isn’t a very good TV sport, but I must confess that the one NHL game that I attended in person was among the most exciting sports contests I’ve ever attended.

Truly nothing compares!


The cold and the smell of the ice gets you hooked.

There are no major league playoffs like the Stanley Cup playoffs. Those guys would literally kill themselves to get their names on that cup. Absolutely best sport around during that time…every player is going all out during those games.

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The speed and sounds of the game cannot be captured by tv. Every true sports fan owes it to themselves to see at least one professional hockey game.
Go Red Wings!

It only took me one guess on who started this thread.

Houston really needs an NHL team just to get him to stop.


He should also be given free lifetime club seats and made honorary captain.

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I’m in!

I remember when the Penguins were rumored to move to Houston. I’ll believe this when it actually happens.

Houston is a transplant town. So much so that they even have a hockey bar in midtown. When the playoffs are on, that bar is SRO and the atmosphere is electric.

Hockey games in person are second to none. They will be successful here.


I guess it has to be NHL? I went to an Aeros game when they were here and it was fun but not super awesome.

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Coyotes are denying the rumor, per ESPN:

(Arizona Coyotes deny report that team is for sale, moving to Houston)

No comparison between NHL and minor leagues.

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