"Night Court" is back

And I ran across this article, which is short but pretty funny.

John Laroquette (sp?) talks about his salary for his part in the first “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

John Larroquette says he was paid in weed for ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ | CNN


I mean, it must’ve been worth quite a bit back in the 70’s when you could go to jail for a very long time, especially here in Texas (so I’ve heard).

A friend’s dad told me they would buy “lids” for $5 back in the late 50s. His explanation was a “lid” was the amount that would fit on a coffee can lid… No one was weighing weed back then. He grew up in Brownsville.

He also said they’d buy pretty much in the open, in a car at the local hamburger stand. Cops either didn’t know what was happening or didn’t care. Maybe also helped that he is White.

Interestingly, me and a friend who happens to work in “sales” were talking a few weeks ago about the price of a “quarter bag” (a quarter ounce). Back in the early 90s we’d but a bag of compressed brown seedy Mexican weed for $20-25. And the price never changed. Even today, you can buy a bag of compressed brown seedy Mexican weed for $20-25. Apparently people still do, he showed me his big box of compressed brown seedy Mexican weed. :laughing:

The reason is that transportation costs have improved over the years. Similar to any other good that you buy today.

EDIT: trying to think of a way to tie this back into the original topic. Only thing I got is this: in the movie, the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” happened on my actual birth day (day and year). Freaked me out the first time I watched it.

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