Nike EYBL Peach Jam

Peach Jam started this morning. JL3 plays today at 11:30 am for those who haven’t seen Arceneaux play. Also Jacolb Cole (23 offer) is running with JL3 now. Houston Hoops plays at 5:30 pm.

The live stream for the 2 week event is free.


Free damnnn. Is this because people can’t attend.

So for the people that don’t know the format. The first week is just 7 games a team plays. After that they get seeded by record and an elimination tournament starts the following week. It’s real hard to win the whole enchilada.

The big EYBL events have been free the last few years.

This is most likely the last big event where the top players from the 2022 class can move up big in rankings. It’s hard to move up when you’re playing for your HS team during basketball :basketball: season.

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You guys please give us a report of the games, especially the ones featuring Coog recruiting prospects. I had watching these things because they are normally pretty hully-gully…but I am interested in our recruits…

JL3 has been a mess all spring and summer. Arceneaux is playing out of position and the team is poorly coached.


This kid has the “it” factor written all over him!!!

That’s impressive. I tried to watch but only got to see about 5 minutes. The Hausen kid hit 3 triples in that time. Arceneaux hit a high arching 3 as well. It’s too bad eybl doesn’t archive the games. I know twitch has that feature too.

You can go back and watch them in the past broadcasts section. They just don’t break it up by individual game, have to forward through the whole day.

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Sweet! Thx!

Going to be hard to keep Arceneaux out of the top 50. He’s a great player. Can’t wait to see him in Cougar Red.


Kris Middleton 2.0

First player to hit 30 ??? Dang that’s impressive in so many ways.

Imagine when he spends a summer with coach Bishop :fire::fire::fire:

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He’s legit.

Hopefully that Beaumont pipeline is opening up

The 30 seems very impressive because some teams may only score that in game. I watched earlier this week and the games were only in the 30-40’s.

Emoni Bates scored 59 percent of the points for Bates Fundamentals in their come-from-behind win against Mokan Elite. Terrance Arceneaux also created 35 percent of the points for JL3 in their win over Team Griffin to go along with six rebounds, three blocks and two steals. Arceneaux was the most impressive player on Day 3 of the Peach Jam for his scoring ability, efficiency and most importantly, his ability to contribute on both ends.

Gosh I hope he becomes a :hamburger: boy & signs with UH.


Halftime for JL3 against Livon Fleur Di Lus right now. JL3 is out-talenting this other team and getting a ton of easy looks in transition. Arceneaux 13 points on 6/7 shooting so far. You can watch the second half at

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what was the result?

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