NIL competition in Houston

First off, let me start by saying this… I am still 50/50 on this NIL stuff because to me it seems like ipure bribery, that being said, it’s here, and I fully support players making money deservingly.

Obviously Houston is going to be an NIL hotspot. So many restaurants, business, startups, etc…

How much competition are we against with other Texas schools? Can UH take advantage of NIL deals over TAMU, UT, Rice, SMU, TCU?

A&M is currently going nuts with NIL. They are kinda sucking the air out of the room with how much they are spending.

We need to either get a billionaire without a sports team to really buy in or an NIL collective for everyone to donate to.

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NIL is damn near money laundering for the Aggies - if they own businesses in town it won’t go to a local school

Well here is the issue. NIL is meant to be exactly that. Pay for players who are already there entering a mutually beneficial business relationship with a company, brand, etc. Where Houston would have a huge advantage. What is happening instead is boosters of these schools are setting up essentially shell corporations with the explicit purpose of paying players in exchange for them coming to play for X school. Much more grey area. I think they are structuring these deals so they are legal, but certainly violating the spirit of the rule.

(To be clear I am not talking about CJ Stroud getting a Mercedes deal as a player already on campus who is posting about it and driving business for a company. Im talking about straight pay for play, which is just being done over the table instead of under the table like the old days.)

I agree with this 100%. The intent is good, the execution is bad. Supposedly, paying to attend a school is illegal under NCAA rules still. The players are supposed to be doing things to earn the money such as appearances, autographs, social media promo, etc… I will be curious to see if that eventually tries to be enforced. I am guessing the NCAA is just walking away from it.

If it does get enforced and players must do appearances and things, I think that will be good and also benefit the schools in large markets like Houston where the marketing actually has a dollar value. However, schools with national appeal will also just get richer so to speak. A school like UT or Alabama can have national campaigns, while someone stuck in Waco might be much more limited in value. UH in the middle with major area, but not yet national.

I’ve been talking to someone who worked in NIL at a school that currently has a collective.

I’ll probably have decent enough knowledge to START one, file it under my current company (no income there yet but just the name since it’s a tech startup), and get some team members. His work got him hired by the school or collective and he did a pretty good job going to the Texas schools.

If we can have any volunteers for writing contracts and accounting, for the first bit of it, then pay y’all later, let me know.

Let’s make this happen.

Edit: one does exist, but as a “micro-collective”

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Or a billionaire who owns a casino or two :sunglasses:


@WacoCoog I believe is a lawyer right?

This is exactly what Aggy is doing. The deals are supposed to be for existing players, and they did all of the above in huge amounts for high school students.

Truly no way of stopping this

Saban is a good man

Careful… apparently people get mad at us wanting a certain billionaire to drop some of that casino money on a few players.

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