NIL deal for Hoops

Another deal for the basketball team!


Between this and Mack’s deal, each guy gotta be making at least $100k. Insane.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Sasser is bringing in upwards of $500k from various sources.


I have to admit that the figures are well above what I imagined when this all started. Good for the Coogs! We have a team of good dudes and the right coach to keep them grounded.


Elvin isn’t going to need a coaching job after he’s done playing… he can just retire happily at that point lol


We don’t know.


They’re definitely earning a lot of money. I’m happy for them and the fact we have Houston businesses who want to sponsor these guys.

I hope people and players see this and it makes getting their education easier. I just hope they realize much is expected to whom much is given. That means we can’t ever lose to bama or anyone else again. Definitely not Memphis


Oh there is more than just those 2 sponsors, believe that!

Dress for success.


Plus if he gets a 1st rd rookie contract Mr Sasser & Walker going to be rich with a degree in Sasser’s case!!!


They said something about Jarace making sure the walk ons get paid, anybody seen anything on that story

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NIL deals like this might get certain players to stay an extra year. If we could have had deals like this in the past Hinton and Armoni would have prob stayed. We know Jarace is gone but if players are making money like this it might keep guys like mark, Shead, TA from leaving early. Although I don’t think Mark and Shead are leaning towards leaving

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5.Mylik Wilson
6.Ramon Walker
7.KJ Jefferson
8.Jwan Roberts
9.Ja’vier Francis
10.Jojo Tugler
11.Jacob McFarland
12.Ced Lath
13. open

Losing Mark, good player. I think he does come back, but you can replace his role. But losing Shead while heading to the Big 12, now that would be tough. The NIL deals Shead is getting, is big. Cause might not be enticed to go pro

Get a top transfer who can score & create his own shot. SG/SF type!!!

This team will have size. A nice mixture of experience & new!

Arceneaux i believe would have a big jump no doubt! Prolly around 15 ppg scorer. Could definitely be the go to scorer with Mark and some nights Sharp as he gets his body in tip top shape. Transfer would play a role in that, too!

Probably could reach the Elite 8 at the very least if this is how it plays out no doubt! The tournament is such a crap shoot usually after the first game depending on what kind of seeding and bracket you get.

Preseason top 3 in the Big 12 most likely coming off a great run in the tournament as we expect.

I think Mark & Shead should return. Arceneaux depends how fast he develops and how good he plays in the tournament as you can raise your stock ridiculous high with a strong showing.

We are slowly seeing the City of Houston businesses jump on board the NIL train. If UH makes a run in the NCAA Tournament, expect more to jump on board. From a business perspective, it’s all about branding with a winner.

Let’s publicize some football NILs so more will jump aboard.


Have to win like basketball does first

I’m confused by the wording.

Is this a “6 figure deal” per player? Or in total for the team?

I wonder how the Tech folks feel about paying their newest transfer all the NIL money…for nothing.
The folks coughing up this NIL money are eventually going to start walking away from the table. You can rest assure people like Mattress Mac will want some kind of return on their money…

I read it as a 6 figure total spread amongst the team. Would be amazing if end of our bench got 6 figures! We could get some crazy depth


For sure. I doubt many are looking at NIL as a way to donate money. They want a return.

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