NIL Sheeesh you haven't seen anything yet

The landscape is going to morph

The only time Kirk moves the needle is when he picks it up after the turntable finishes playing the record.

People have been predicating a P5 breakaway for over 20 years and they never ask themselves why it hasn’t happened yet.


Can’t wait until Arch’s $10m NIL deal to set the bar for elite recruits. BMDs… have at it.


This all comes back to earth. The kid has three bad games and the freakin car wash or soap company that spent that money wants their coins back.

College players are not reliable investments not because they aren’t talented, but because their supporting cast is not reliable. I don’t think the p5 breaks off and gives their players TV money and bargaining rights.

  1. If they give their players access to TV money and put g5’s on the schedule then g5 players can claim monopoly interference and sue for a portion of the money.

  2. If they take g5’s off the schedule and just play themselves then their game losses increase exponentially. You’re gonna have playoff teams with 8-4 or 9-3 records. And I don’t think Bama and OSU will allow that.


I predict that Arch will share at least one NIL deal with his teammates. Considering how low key his family has made his recruitment, that fits right in.

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I’m just glad we’re on the P5 side of the world nowadays…


Curious but what percentage of media rights do NFL players get?

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48% revenue sharing.


So that is on top of their contracts I assume. or is the team salary caps tied to that 48%?

I wonder if some BMD will dish out cash for Arch Manning here.

It’d be hilarious if he became a Coog

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Funk, you only touched on this, and I agree. NILs are contracts (with 18-23 yr olds)…so you are in contracts with very young adult men, finding their way in the World…there is a reason why car insurance is ridiculously expensive for guys under 25…

Are there Morals clauses ?
Here is one of a million scenarios:

“The paper says you did it…”
“I didn’t do it…”
“You are fired. No more $. In fact, give us the money we already paid you back…”

This is a GIANT mess, and the NCAA built the bomb, lit the fuse, and walked away.

PS: I have always said that Universities needed to provide meaningful stipends and further assistance. This should have been dealt with by the NCAA decades ago.

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I have come around to liking the idea of meaningful stipends, but who will pay for them for 500+ athletes (Title IX issue)? Most schools do not make money on athletics. There are only about 20 schools that could do that.

People tend to forget that most of that TV revenue already goes back to the athletes in the form of food, scholarship, medical, training, housing, maintenance for large stadiums to play in, practice facilities, on and on…

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The p5 don’t care about the players nor what is fair. They want a system or process that allows them to buy all the 4-stars and above and do it legally. They want framework that, once codified, allows them a stream of limitless revenue that can’t be infringed upon by lesser schools. “We get to make all of the money because it’s written in our charter.”

In a world governed by greed monopolies are too good to pass up. The portal is something the p5 find mortifying. And they’ll do what it takes to ensure little people don’t use the portal to grow out of their circumstances. Its bad for business and slicing the pie too many ways. They’re just a bunch of goodfellas.
If the p5 get their way you’ll never see another Louisville or Cincinnati or UCF.


It’s down to Bama coaching and winning vs. UT NIL $

“Oh, you want to enter the portal and play for Middle Tennessee? Well, you just lost the revenue sharing we so graciously gave you.”

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And by the way, give us back your signing bonus…

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