NIL Updates

Stat: More than a month ago, college athletes were granted the ability to earn $$$ off their name, image, and likeness (NIL). So how much are they making? A D1 athlete earned $471 on average in July, with football players capturing 79% of all NIL market share, per the marketing platform Opendorse. The most popular way to make money was via social media promotions (46% of all NIL money earned).


I am hoping UH is on top of finding innovative ways and working with athletes to maximize their NIL opportunities. Something that could set us apart or at least keep up with everyone else. I know that we have partnerships with NIL focused companies but status quo wont do here.

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Where can one find stats on % of NIL by team or conference? I am guessing the rich are only getting richer but I have no data to support this.

Are NIL payments required to be disclosed to the public? I try to avoid this side of sports

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Yes. Too, as these NIL payments are for appearances, endorsements, etc., they will get as much pub as possible. Nothing will be hidden. No need to make any shady payments.

What players can do is governed by state laws passed by a bunch of states, as Texas did. If your state doesn’t have a law, you are governed by the NCAA rules.

Texas doesn’t allow NIL for HS players. As a result, the Longhorns lost a 2022 QB to Ohio State, as he was able to get a deal up there, forego his senior HS year. Yeah, I know.


Longhorns lost a QB to Ohio State…


The blurb said most money is social media

Interesting comments from Gary Patterson.

There’s nothing to be quiet about. It’s all legal. Give my recruits money can be said openly now.

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I’m sure he has already been on the phone with the Bass family and big TCU donors to line up payments for his guys. If anything he put this out there as notice to their donors. Patterson is just upset he has to do more work and has something else to worry about. I like the guy, but he complains more than the average poster on Coogfans during a game thread.


4 star QB from KY.

Skipping last high school season and getting 6 figures when he enrolls at Rutgers. Great offers.
Any chance he goes to RU without NIL?

“the quarterback is expected to sign a six figure deal for use of his name, image and likeness once he enrolls.”

The claim out of New Orleans is that no matter what school Arch Manning chooses he may make 10 mil his first year.

Good for him!

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no doubt the NIL rule will legalize buying recruits. the SEC has been buying players since SMU got the death penalty. NIL will allow an unlimited ceiling. so, all you BMDs better get the check book out!!

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So how long before we have “entities” created at the deep pocket universities for the soul purpose of funneling money above the table to athletes under the NIL rules?

Let’s say UH boosters pooled their money and created UH Donors, LLP. The mission statement is to promote UH athletics and attract top-rated talent (students and athletes) to the school. Therefore, we will pay players to use their NIL to promote the business to bring in more players and (wink, wink) students and use their NIL. This is not pay-for-play but there is no real commercial interest backing up the endeavor.

Already started

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So do those BYU walk-on players have to sign a non-compete agreement when they sign on with BYU so that they cannot receive any other NIL opportunities? Built is paying for their tuition so I assume Built owns all of their rights?

I knew it would be a slippery slope. It’s going to get stupid before someone has to step in and say “enough is enough.” The NIL opportunities are going to be like College Football media rights and the price will skyrocket until someone figures out that it’s bad business.

(Edit: At least Built has a legit commercial product)

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I have never booed a college player as they’re not pros getting paid…how do y’all view a college QB getting paid $10M ? very slippery slope. Heck could come out of college with good chunk of change and your degree…#WINNING

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Well, you shouldn’t boo him if he plays poorly - he is getting paid for his name/image/likeness and not his play. The latter would be against the rules. Am I right? :wink:

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