NIT Quarter Finals: Memphis vs Boise State; Thurs @ 8PM, ESPN

For those who need a MBB fix prior to the weekend. Pretty good quarterfinals match-up. The Tigers are 4-point favorites. I’m pulling for our fellow AAC member to win the NIT.


Nothing against BSU, but I’ll be rooting for Memphis.


we played them both, memphis should smoke em


im tuned in!

got spoiled over the weekend with basketball for 4 days, its been a slow last couple nights…


I both love and hate North Texas’ court

not looking good for ol Penny early on.

It feels like Williams celebrates after every basket he makes lol

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I like both teams. Memphis win is better though.

Memphis woke up

Memphis plays up or down to the level of the opponent. They look softer than Boise. I watched a lot of Boise out here in Cali and Boise usually looks softer.

This does not look like the same Memphis team that took us to the wire twice.


That is a horrible environment. It felt like they were having a pickup game.

Memphis is 27% from FT line. Good God, they’ve managed to regress.

Memphis wins scoring 58 points. How is it that we always get our opponents best efforts?

Well, better for the league that they won. Plus the ACC goes down in flames too today.

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Surely that’s a typo and you meant 27% from the 3P line… :dizzy_face:

Western down ten. Under 8 timeout.

Thing about NIT is its gotta be hard for players to put their full heart in that tournament when they’ve set their mind and goals of being in the tourney.


Louisiana Tech wins. They face Mississippi State next, while Memphis gets Colorado State.