No Chris Harris this yesr

Duarte just posted that he won’t be joining the team this year, but maybe next.


Pretty much have to move forward. Now I see why Kelvin Sampson wants to add another inside player via transfer. Only have 11 players in Scholarship. Maybe add one more.

Here’s Duarte’s tweet:

I’m still holding out hope for another PG along with another forward/wing as we’re basically looking at Galen at point with Gray/Dunnigan (shooting guards) or the walk-on freshman as the backup. If Galen, god forbid, gets injured this year, we’re going to have problems.

The kid from Southern Illinois would be a nice get for the forward position as, while undersized, seems like a banger and played center.

Lol. Davell Lauder 2.0. I’m going to pretend like he is not coming to UH. Hopefully KS has something under his sleeve.

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You hit the nail on the head.

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