No cup holder on aisle seats?

So i have two tickets in 110 on the aisle and not a single end of row seat has a cup holder on the arm rest. So if you sit in seat #1, yes you have a cup holder. If you are the last seat in that row, nope. Kinda strange and a bit annoying on my part. Tillman should know that its the little things…

I think cupholders are pretty silly when built into the armrest. Cuts into the leg room.

What’s wrong with putting your cup on the floor?


“What’s wrong with putting your cup on the floor?”

People walking through the row getting to their seats may knock your drinks down.

So I took a picture last night. I can’t get the arrow or line to thin out for pointing on the picture. But here’s a row of 4 seats. The guy at the aisle on the right has a cup holder on his arm rest. The 2nd seat to his left has the cup holder in front of him, on his right side…and so on. So the 4th seat has its cup holder in front of it behind the previous row’s, 4th seat.

Just pick it up when they walk by. It’s been standard protocol for years.

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You’re already in an aisle seat. What more do you want lol


A cupholder dang it. Lol


If it makes you feel any better, this is UH, so 90% of the games you go to, you can move over to the empty seat with a cupholder.


I saw a guy in the 1st row buy a Bud Light and it would slide right through the cup holder to the ground because the bottle was smaller in diameter than the circular hole in the bottom of the holder. The holders in the 2nd row have ‘x’ across the circular hole in the bottom. #FirstWorldProblems

You think you have it bad: I am 99% sure I sat in the wrong seats last night [by accident] and think I am going to hate my actual view when I sit in my actual seats on Tuesday. Yeah me

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My philosophy is enjoy what I have, especially with the new Fertitta Center. Nothing is always perfect. We’re fortunate to have Dr. Khator, Tillman, and Cougar Pride donors, coaches, staffs, athletes, etc. We’ve come a long way. Go Coogs!!!


Kudos to everyone involved in making the Inaugural Game a success. They did pretty damn good if we’re complaining about cupholders and possession arrow.

Everything seemed to be a smooth operation last night for me, from getting into the arena to finding my seats to getting concessions. Great job.


If I observed it correctly the cup holders are designed per etiquette so cup holders are on right side and only on one side of aisle seats.

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Being a lefty, as well as an uncouth human being, my beer was in the wrong beer holder all night. My wife would be ashamed.


Lol… I’m a righty but for some reason I want my beer in left side regardless of etiquette. Thankfully no one objects that I don’t use cup holder and just drink it.

This. It’s really not a problem. Otherwise hold on to your drink and git er dun.