No Dana

Dana signs 5 year extension with WV.

Already brought up in the Miles and Down to 4 threads. :slight_smile:

According to JD he has agreed to the terms, but has not signed… yet.

And of course he is using rumors of being interested in UH’s vacancy to enhance his position to WVA. No way is a Tier One FBS HC leaving his position to become HC at a non-P5 program - even if it’s UH.

Now someone trying to escape from a lower tier P5 program that doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning Big might definitely take a shot at UH. And half of all P5 programs fall in this category, so there is potentially quite an applicant pool out there.

In the B1G any program whose name begins with an I might fall in this category. Throw in Rutgers if you want. ACC: Pick 'em. Any program except Clemson or Virginia Tech might be considered. Add Miami just because it’s Miami. You get my point. Bottom line, West Virginia isn’t quite in that place.