No expansion

how credible is this guy…

More credible than that flug guy but has been wrong in the past. However, he’s pretty connected with UT folks.

Doesn’t say “no expansion” - it says no members were added today.

It may mean the same thing, but it may mean something totally different. Either way, they weren’t going to “add” anyone during the meeting. Once they decide whether to expand, THEN they have to choose their targeted schools, who will THEN negotiate terms. Today was about Step 1.

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He also was one of the people reporting there had been no expansion talks in the earlier B12 meeting where they announced they were going to explore expansion. So I’ll wait for 5:30 to see for sure. But at this point, nothing would surprise me.

EDIT - With all the other sources coming in saying the same thing, I guess Chip was right on this one.


Poor Cinci. So desperate.

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The Bevo 12-2 will now die a slow, painful death. See you guys in the ACC!

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Back to ignoring the Big 12

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Devastating news no matter which way you cut it. But I’m personally done thinking about this conference. UH officials have done everything in their power. It’s not their fault they’re dealing with so many fickle individuals. If the Big 12 revisits expansion, I hope UH forwards their calls.

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What was Plan B again?

Would rather see the AAC pick up a couple of good programs and take the Big 12’s place as a power conference. Big 12 will now enter a death spiral and it won’t be pretty.

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I hear ya, but just adding some schools isn’t going to get you power money. That neighborhood is gated and entry is invite only. It isn’t fair, but that is how it is.

And we didn’t even get the common courtesy of an explanation from Bowlsby.

Is the press conference still on at 5:30?

They should go ahead and just cancel it if this news is accurate.

Khator speaks:


Geez, if all the news is accurate on the Big 12 decision…What a freaking load of crap? But, such is life, these things are beyond our control and we will just keep working on us and doing what we are doing. Go Coogs!

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Not much else she can say… Oh well. Go Coogs! Beat SMU.


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