No Info About Spring Practice On

The web site.

Anyone know anything?

They are beginning the day after spring break. Now they are in the weight room, also doing agility training and footwork.


Thank you Giena!

Unlike some of our Debbie Downers I support the Dana rebuild and look forward to Spring Training.

What is the team’s mindset? How do they like our new Coaches?


It’s good, they are ready to get back to work. They have good things to say about the new coaches. Derek likes coach Belk at DC. Says players love him and he’s easy to talk to and get along with, but doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He expects you to work for what you want.



I believe that we have improved talent for 2021 plus more experience.

The 2020 COVID situation was just deplorable. That our players survived it is remarkable.


Me too !
Go Coogs !

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Your posts are very appreciated! It is so nice to have someone on the “inside” giving the truth!


Thank you :blush:

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Great real information. I think we will “go out and win some games”. Dana is getting things sorted out to everyone’s
I can’t wait for the new season especially the first game against Texas Tech , since my son graduated from there !
Go Coogs !

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Wonder if we are going to have a spring game this year

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Is there any change to the defensive philosophy with Belk?

We better win that game!!!

Not sure on that. Derek said it was a good move though. Defense players really like the switch


Our defense may show a lot of improvement this season.

More talent and experience.

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Belk is a star in the making.

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Derek really, really likes and respects him

What is Belk’s background info?

He started out at Valdosta St., grad assistant at Alabama and then WVU. Every defense he was a part of was ranked in the top 20 for scoring defense, interceptions and total defense. Has good track record at all of his previous programs.

Love this! Quote of the Day!!


In regards to football spring practice, Well the saying goes no news means there is no bad news.