No matter the opponent, this is impressive

We held Grambling to 0 for 14 on third down conversions.


Stats against scrub teams are not impressive


Yeah, but too many teams end up losing to “scrubs!” We used to be a scrub as well, a scrub that once beat top teams, such as OU and Louisville!

Look, they could be playing the University of the Blind and Crippled, holding a team to 100 yards of total offense is impressive


UH is among the leaders in team defense and that likely won’t change after next week. Doug Belk has these young men playing hard!


ive been impressed with the defense, should keep us in plenty of games this year

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Doug Belk is solid. I really like him and the D he has put together seems to work well and give us an opportunity to win. Kudos to him.


Southern Miss held them to 141 yards.
Tennessee State held them to 184.
We held them to 102.

Every team, including an FCS team that went 2-5 last season, has held them under 200 yards

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Yes, it is impressive.

Our best D since 2015-2016.

Helps when they just run between the tackles every time I like this defense but I would never play them again. That was the sorriest offense who looked like they threw in the towel from the opening drive.

I was disappointed in their offense and their coach. They didn’t look like they were even trying to win, or even be competitive. Dana said they ran on 3rd and long because “they knew what we would do to them if they threw it.” Maybe protecting their QB, but geez - this is football. You can’t play scared.


we play them so that we get to watch the band……what our football team did to them is what their band did to ours……
we gave their band a standing ovation….our band had to follow that

SWAC schools only care about SWAC games and 90% of that is the band battle. They pay for band travel by playing all over the country at schools buying a win or classic games held in places with no local HBCUs but lots of African-American population. Prairie View played out here in the old Coliseum a few years back and the crowd was large.

Coogs are a scrub team until a proven winning record in my book.

RBs have feelings too. Lol

They could have run some quick screens, taken some more shots on fly routes and at least made the attempt.

Yep and SWAC schools only caring about beating SWAC schools is what Deion is trying to change at JSU


The schedule is the schedule. If fans don’t like the schedule, then complain to Pez.

What matters most is the team giving their best effort. Playing weaker opponents allows us to gain some confidence and work on our execution. What I’ve seen so far is the O seems to move the ball better with QB-2. The D is impressive. Kick and punt return teams are good. Punting good. FG is adequate.

We should beat Navy. They are having a down year. If so, then we’ll look back to see if the games against Rice, Grambling and Navy will help us against Tulsa and beyond.

They are called observations and better place to discuss this than on a message board.
My complaint is not directed towards UH it is the Grambling OC.

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